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Ooltewah Farmers Market 

"Fresh from your neighbors' farms to your family's table"

Open at 3:00 every Thursday, all 12 months of the year

Winter Hours (Nov 10 - March)
3:00 - 5:00 p.m. EST

Summer Hours (April - Oct)
3:00 - 6:00 p.m. EDT

Ooltewah Farmers Market
At Ooltewah Nursery & Landscape Co.
Every Thursday afternoon all year round




* A true producers-only farmers market. Just local farms and food arisans only. (no crafts)
* Organic, naturally grown, non-GMO, gluten-free, hard-to-find, and unusual choices

* Locally-grown food fresh from your neighbors' farms to your family's table
* Know where your food came from, and shake the hand of the farmer who grew it.





It’s about community. Chat with friends & meet new people. Ooltewah Farmers Market is organized and hosted by a family-owned local small business, Ooltewah Nursery & Landscape Co., on historic Main Street in Ooltewah, TN. OFM is a producers-only farmers market featuring only locally grown food. No resellers allowed. As a part of our application and vetting process, each farm is inspected by the OFM Manager to ensure that its products are indeed locally grown. Know where your food comes from and shake the hand of the farmer who raised it for your family. The market is open every Thursday all year round [Summer Hours (April-Oct): 3-6 p.m.; Winter Hours (Nov-March): 3-5 p.m.] with great local foods such as:

You will find local farms with items like these:

  • Seasonal veggies, greens, and microgreens
  • Free-range and pastured eggs (chicken, duck, and goose)
  • Artisan Cheeses: Cow, sheep, or goat milk
  • Raw milk (cow or goat) by herd share
  • Seasonal fruits such as strawberries, blueberreis, blackberries, muscadines, apples, melons, and more  [See MELON FEST]
  • Pastured and/or grass-fed meats like beef, pork, lamb & mutton, and poultry
  • Jams, jellies & syrups
  • Gourmet and exotic fresh or dired mushrooms
  • Raw local honey and bee's wax
  • Fresh ginger and turmeric
  • Organic flours or cornmeal (certified organic)
  • Sorgham (certified organic)
  • Lard or Tallow for craft projects
  • Seasonal cut flowers


You will also see many local food artisans with items like: (Membership preference is given to those who source their ingredients locally.)

  • Kombucha
  • Appalachian and traditional baked goods (fried pies, apple stack cake, etc)
  • Hand-crafted chocolates
  • Certified Organic milled items like flours, meals, sorgham, almond butter, cashew butter, granola, etc.
  • Real old-fashioned kettle corn
  • Traditional New Yourk stype bagels
  • Lemonade squeezed to order for you (sugar-free options)
  • Elderberry syrups and Elderberry products
  • Farm-roaste coffee (whole bean or ground to yoru preference)
  • Sourdough breads, artisn breads, and sweet breads, (+ glueten-free options)
  • Popping Core Kernals for home popping
  • Hand-crafted goat milk soaps, lotions, lip balms, and baby care items
  • Cold-pressed juices
  • Clean, healthy fresh dog treats
  • Infused oil and vinegars
  • An assortment of locally roasted coffees (ground or whole bean)
  • Seasoning mixes and spices
  • Homemade fudge, tofee, and other candy
  • Dried tea leaves and tea blends
  • Artisan small-batch hot sauces


To stay informed about the items coming to market each week, join the OFM email list. You will receive a weekly email on Wednesday detailing the farms coming to market and the items they intend to bring. You may join the email list HERE or on our Home page. Be sure to visit the Ooltewah Farmers Market Facebook page to see photos of last week's market. Finally, be sure to check out the "Events" menu above. Many of our special events happen in conjunction with the farmers market. Each event will be announced to the market when it is time to start, so listen for the announcement while you shop.

NEW...  Receive a text message on Thursday mid-morning to remind you about the market. To learn more CLICK HERE.


  • OFM is now in our regular summer location BEHIND Ooltewah Nursery.
  • PARKING: Simply park in front of the nursery and walk straight through the building and you will see the market in the back.
  • HANDICAP PARKING: Available in the back next to the market for those who have a placard or tag.
  • PAYMENTS: Each vendor conducts their own sales. Most do accept credit/debit cards, but a few are cash only, so plan accordingly. Vendor payment info is found in our weekly eNewsletter.
  • ATTIRE: Wear comfy clothes and shoes for walking. OFM is a casual, open-air style market. (Weather Policy below)
  • TIP: Many people prefer to bring their own shopping bags and we encourage this highly.

OFM Mission

To provide area small family farms a venue for their products, and provide our local community access to fresh, locally grown foods.

Ooltewah Farmers Market is a community service initiative of
Ooltewah Nursery & Landscape Co. since 2013


OFM Inclement Weather Policy

1.) OFM will remain open during inclement weather unless conditions become dangerous (such as lightning or high winds).
2.) If Ooltewah Nursery closes, we will also close. 
3.) We will follow the lead of the Hamilton Co. School System. If they close due to weather, so will we. 

1.) We will send a text message to our text subscribers. This is the fastest way to share information. Join here or text OFM to 94253
2.) We will post a notice on Facebook, but have no control over whether or not Facebook will show that in your feed. You would need to go to our page to look. 
3.) If there is enough advance notice, we will send an email to our email subscribers, and post a notice on our website page. Many times weather events happen suddenly, so text messages are the best way to stay notified. You can join the weekly email newsletter HERE


Vendor Information 

Ooltewah Nursery is a small family business, and we believe in supporting other small businesses as well, such as local family farms and food artisans. Ooltewah Farmers Market is accepting applications for the current season, and small farm businesses and food artisans are invited to apply. (This is not intended to be an outlet for backyard gardeners. Crafts are eligable to apply for the December market only.) To learn about our membership and vetting process, please eamil us.

                   2025 Rules & Application will become available in early 2025 - Please email us for an application: (We are not cerrently acceptiing applications for 2024.)

If you are an arts & crafts vendor please join our "Craft Vendor" email list HERE to be notified by email once the registration period opens for our annual Arts & Crafts Show in December.


Ooltewah Farmers Market is a proud member of Pick TN:

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