February Garden Tasks...


It's time to plan our gardens. What will you grow and where? Maybe this is the year you tackle that landscaping project you've been putting off. Whatever you want to grow this year, now is the time to plan it out. Draw out your plan now, to save time later. Start by measuring the area. Use graphing paper or an Excell spreadsheet to map it out. Pay attention to the spacing, light, and soil requirements of each plant. Don't forget to test your soil now. The report will contain important information you need. Save your garden plan each year, and make notes along the way about what worked well and what didn't. Referring back to the previous year can help increase your success. Need advice? Bring you drawing, photos, and measurements in and our experts would be glad to give you some helpful suggestions and advice. Need seeds? We have several lines from which to choose. We are your seed starting headquarters!

gardening tips

Tip of the day: Planning a new project? Always call 811 before you dig. One free call gets your utility lines marked.


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