January Garden Tasks...

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In January, the earth is in hibernation, but we gardeners are busy at work. There are many garden tasks needing our attention. Now is the time to analyze your 2016 garden, and plan for 2017. What will you grow and where? Keeping a written plan of your garden each year, helps make this task easier. It is almost time to start seeds. 2017 seeds are already here. Stop by now for the best selection. In January, we also tend to our tools. Cleaning, oiling, and sharpening now, will get you ready for spring. In fact, next month is the time to prune many trees, shrubs, and vines, so you will need the right tool for the job. We carry several lines of quality tools in our showroom. Our staff are always glad to answer any questions.

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Tip of the day: February is the ideal time for pruning most trees & shrubs.


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