Tomato Tasting

Thursday, July 27th...3:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Ooltewah Nursery is known far and wide as the place to get something different and unusual. That includes tomatoes. In the spring, we normally carry 60-70 different varieties of tomatoes. With so many choices, it can be hard to choose. Join us at our weekly Ooltewah Farmers Market for a tomato tasting! It's a tomato lovers paradise!

TIP: Bring an ink pen to write down the name of your favorite(s), and to vote for the best in each category. 

You get to sample the flavors of a wide variety of tomatoes in several different categories such as cherry tomatoes, sauce tomatoes, slicers, and beefstake. Experience the unique tastes, textures, shapes and colors of the best tomatoes on the planet. Next time you will know which tomatoes to grow or to buy at the farmers market! We will give you a judging sheet, and you can decide for yourself which is your favorite! The winning variety from each category will be announced the following week in our weekly Ooltewah Farmers Market email (sign up on our  Home page). There is no charge to attend, but if possible, please bring some tomatoes to share and tell us the variety name. Our farmers will donate some, but this event will require a lot of 'maters of all types! So please help us out and share yours with everyone.